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19  /   07   /   2021

Il Tempio della Luce, 2021

Curator Vittorio Erlindo

Performance by Evolution Dance Theater

"The Temple of Light"  by Nicola Evangelisti was presented on July 19 at the Giardini di Luce opening at the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo (LVMH Group) in Taormina.

The work has monumental dimensions and takes advantage of the day-night duality.

Daylight transforms the installation into a white geometric structure that encloses the colors and beauty of the Taormina landscape: the sky, Etna, the Ionian sea, the garden of the Grand Hotel Timeo become the protagonists of a sacred space.

The installation, crossed by sunlight, integrates with the environment providing a different perception.

At night, thanks to ultraviolet light, the installation by Evangelisti takes on a range of phosphorescent colors.

Symbol of peace, unity and brotherhood among peoples, it is conceived as an open, ecumenical, universal temple.



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