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Nicola Evangelisti ax Biennale Light Art Mantova 2022 (1).jpg

"The  bullet installations highlight the contradiction between the beauty and preciousness of the elements of which they are composed with the purpose of death for which they were originally designed and produced. 

I have a need  to reject the evil and violence inherent in war irreversibly nullifying the function of weapons. 

The bullets with the perfect ogive are shiny and gold chrome can be admired in their shine and aesthetic perfection but not disassembled from the sculptures that compose."

FREEDOM 2015 - bullet installation
YES 2022

Social and political themes related to war and terrorism have been the center of my solo exhibition “beWARe”,  where I analyzed the emotional states induced by violence and by mass media propaganda. My solo project "beWARe” deals with the impact of the economic crisis in a society centered on money, which I see as a weapon, through bullet installations.

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