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(…) Light Blade is cut, gash, tear, blade of light, that parts and separates – in a slash of space – multi thousands conceptions and ultra-dimensional connections: it is bridge fusion, synthesis, free concord of dynamical mental associations, performed within the time, for the time and trough a frozen time, outside and above the concrete human experience, where past and present are nothing more than accidents of a sole crystallized instant. (…)

Alberto Gross 2009

LIGHT BLADE is a piece of art to stress the physical and emotional experience of lightness, with the intent to drive the spectator into a thoughtful and spiritual dimension. 

Nicola Evangelisti conceived LIGHT BLADE as “installation art on the open space” therfore “site-specific” too, thinked up and planned to live with the architecture of the Villa Reale of Milan. It will be an example of public art, an artistic proposal that goes out from art galleries or museums to live in an historical and urban setting, looking for a more direct exchange of ideas with the mainly unaware public.

We are facing a dual-purpose artwork changing its physiognomy from daytime to night. During the day the mirroring material reflects the spectator and the sorrounding space, while at night the internal lights give the feeling of electric shock, almost a Jupiter thunderbolt. 

In all conditions the light, reflected or produced by the neon tubes, dematerializes the artwork as in the best examples of contemporary art by Lucio Fontana and Dan Flavn. 

We see a blade that cuts across the architecture and allows new reading by means of the light and of the colour of the portico, making possible a new liveability of this space, inspiring the active involvement of the spectator.


Gisella Gellini

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