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OROLOGIO DEL TEMPO Nicola Evangelisti.jpg

The interactive video projection “L'orologio del tempo” is based from the assumption that space is directly related to time.

It represents Einstein’s general relativity theory:  when energy and matter fill the cosmos, space-time deforms and the light radiates along its curvature. Consequently, the vision of the angular dimensions of each object is modified and the images split and intertwine so that they create fascinating scenarios.

The project aims to create an immersive space, where the environment and the work form a fluid and integrated continuity, and the viewer is placed in a relationship with himself.

orologio del tempo 3.jpg

Interactive video installation by Nicola Evangelisti in collaboration with Gabriele Pesci and Fabio Bozzetto.

Exhibited the first second of 2012 at Davide Coltro's Hangar 6 in Milan for the ON Group exhibition.

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