Most of my work explores the relationship between order and chaos, and also between other cosmological theories: my light installation cycles “Spatial Structures” and  “Cosmic Hypothesis” are constructed out of mathematical principles. “Space Structures” are obtained through LED lights, plastic materials, crystals and mirrors I obtained through carving techniques of my own devising.

My signature “Lightning” works epitomize the complexity and polarity of nature, and it is one of the many expressions of fractal geometry, such as leaf veins, butterfly wings, animal venous systems, water’s trickling…

Recently I explored the relationship between light and symbols with a particular focus on the meaning of light in  sacred themes. This research led to a series of video-projections in sacred spaces, in cooperation with a contemporary music composer also named Nicola Evangelisti.

Social and political themes related to war and terrorism have been the center of my solo exhibition “beWARe”,  where I analyzed the emotional states induced by violence and by mass media propaganda. My solo show “Temporary Illusions” deals with the impact of the economic crisis in a society centered on money, which I see as a weapon, through bullet installations.

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