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Curated by Rocco Guglielmo and Alessandro Romanini




Nicola Evangelisti "FREEDOM", 2022 site specific installation in bullets 

San Martino's Church, Gerace, Italy

Art Rizoma. Exhibition view at the Episcopal Citadel of Gerace, 2022

The debut of Art Rizoma, a widespread festival of contemporary art that until 20 September involves the villages of Gerace, Roccella Ionica and Santa Caterina dello Ionio, bringing over thirty Italian and international artists to the territory. The Rocco Guglielmo Foundation, which has chosen the theme, promotes the initiative 8 minutes from the sun (the time it takes for sunlight to reach the Earth) for the inaugural edition of the exhibition. The artists were therefore asked to reflect on distance concept – social, physical, environmental – to reaffirm the committed role of an art that wants (and must) resist and reinvent itself in unfavorable situations, just like plants using the rhizome stratagem. This is why contemporary art appears in contexts that are usually closed to it, including ancient churches, historic buildings and castles, temporarily colonized in the name of a prolific and unprecedented dialogue. The opportunity to discover the works of the artists involved, therefore, is associated with the value of exploring the territory with new eyes.

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